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Weekend Sewing

February 10, 2010

My hubs got this book for me this Christmas. It’s full of projects I’d like to try. I just have to pace myself, as evidenced by the hours I spent on this project a couple of weekends ago. (I wonder if the author, Heather Ross has kids present during her weekend sewing marathons…)

I’m definitely learning to sew in stages. I think one of the reasons I haven’t done as much sewing and reading in the past few years  is because I’m an “all or nothing” kind of person.  Typically, I want to finish the WHOLE project or the ENTIRE book in one sitting, as opposed to stretching it out. This just isn’t practical in my situation, so having kiddos around sort of forces me to sew in stages. Not a bad development, to be sure.

After doing all my cutting one weekday evening, I was able to finish this project in a reasonable amount of time a couple of Saturdays ago. It is called the everything tote–a fitting name, as it is huge and holds a LOT. The fabric is an old tablecloth, lined with a sheet I found at a yardsale.  I’m pretty happy with the results!


Simply New

February 9, 2010

I’ve stumbled upon a new homeschooling blog that promises to be well worth reading: Simple Homeschool.  Ah, simplicity and homeschooling combined. Now that’s something I can get excited about.

And just in time for their launch, you can be a part of a great giveaway with lots of goodies to enhance your homeschooling experience.  Go there. Do it.

It’s Not Hard to Find Good Help These Days.

February 6, 2010

Especially on laundry day.

Playing with our Routine

January 29, 2010

I haven’t said much about homeschooling these days. It’s probably because we’re just in “git ‘er done” mode. I’m trying so hard to get in a routine and accomplish what we need to accomplish each day. I’m still reading blogs and finding things that work for us, and plan to share when I get some spare time. (ha! spare what?) I had forgotten how many times during the first year a baby’s routine and sleep schedule change, so it’s been a little bit frustrating to feel like we’re figuring out a system that works and then having to change it again based on his little whims. It’s been mostly all about adapting and that’s just fine.

That being said, here are a couple of neat things I’ve come upon recently.

First of all, how much fun would it be to play in one of these?

And secondly, this post from Stefani about nature journals is so great. She really makes it  look “do-able.” And after seeing this and reading tons of books from the library about nature and animals, I’ve got two littles who just can’t wait for spring to get here. Until then, we’ll just keep plugging along, playing around with our schedule and working toward a routine that works for the time being.

Are You Needy?

January 27, 2010

How many times do we seek wisdom, comfort, approval or provision from our men when we would be much better served by finding our souls’  help from above?

…I am not saying that men do not meet any needs of their wives. Of course they do! But when women look to fallen men to give them purpose and meaning in life, they are looking in the wrong place. It is asking of a finite creature what only the Almighty can do. He created us with all these needs, and only He can really satisfy our soul’s desires. A husband is a source of tremendous comfort, strength, protection, love, and companionship. But our souls need supernatural comfort, strength, protection, love, and companionship. A mere man cannot even comprehend the needs of a woman. In fact, I don’t think women even understand their own hearts and needs…

Nancy nails it again Something I’m still learning, after nearly ten years of marriage. It’s always easier to seek comfort from flesh and blood, someone who is right there with you, someone you can see.  But that’s a lot of pressure to put on a husband, don’t you think?

Cuppa Somethin’

January 25, 2010

There are many times when I find myself feeling irritated and snappish toward my children, without a specific reason. Perhaps there is a lot on the proverbial plate these days, and the more I go and go and fail to stop and rest, the more frequently I tend to get a failing grade in this department. Not an excuse, just a reality. I’ve tried to take notice when signs of these sorts of meltdowns take place. That’s why I really appreciated Amy’s post at the end of last week. She’s having a cup of sanity….perhaps I’ll have one as well. Here’s an excerpt in her own words, although if you have time to read it all, I feel sure you’ll relate.

…instead of whining and complaining or getting into one of those husband/wife conversations about who is more tired, I thought I would just make a plan to take care of myself…

…Times of retreat are so necessary and needed. And not once in a great while or when we are completely fried and burned-out, but as a way of life. We cannot effectively take care of those we love if we aren’t consistently being filled up in all areas…

Usually, all it takes for me is a little time to be creative, take a drive, listen to some music, or whatever else I wouldn’t normally get to do on my own without an audience or an interruption. It’s amazing how just a little time to think (or NOT think!) can do wonders for my outlook and refresh my inner being. We can make jokes about “me” time, but seriously…it’s necessary for survival sometimes. Don’t you think? When you have an opportunity to refresh, what’s first on your ‘to do’ list? What’s in your cup of sanity?

I Call It a Soup Day

January 21, 2010

When winter comes, there is always a perfect time for soup. Today it’s raining outside and the trees are being encased in ice. This translates into the perfect soup weather. I like to make this chicken noodle soup in huge batches so we have enough for a dinner or lunch, then I freeze it in quart size bags to pull out as needed. It’s great to have on hand when we’re sick or when it’s just a “soup day.”