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Finding Beauty All Around

May 18, 2007

Beauty is all around us. I think about it when I am outside digging in the dirt. I think about it when I look at my children. I think about it when I hear a great song or eat a good meal. I want to enjoy this beauty that is all around me.

God has given us so many good things to take pleasure in, so I plan to indulge; through gardening, cooking, baking, decorating, books, music and anything else that comes my way. I want to pass on to my children a love and appreciation for “all things bright and beautiful.” I want to encourage others in the same vein. Some days there is no better way for me to praise His name than to find beauty and enjoyment in something that has been created or given to me.

Call me Pollyanna and come join me. Find reasons to smile, and ways to enjoy what you have. Let’s strive for joy and contentment.

Note: I don’t plan to devote loads of time to this, but if I feel like something is worth sharing, I will share it. Whether it is a recipe, a tip on housecleaning or gardening, a fun project for moms or kids, a quote, an encouraging scripture passage, a good book or cd…whatever. So, until whenever, I’ll see ya when I see ya.

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