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It’s the Little Things

August 17, 2007

Something about these images tugged at my heart. So, before we tackled the mess at bedtime, I took a few shots to remember, when they’re all grown up. It’s so easy to be annoyed when there is a big job in front of me. It seems almost natural to start fussing about the mess. But, and I know this is profound, someday I will look back and long for the days when…..

People tell me things like that all the time. About how time flies and “before you know it, they will be grown.” I guess when we’re in the thick of it, the nostalgia and tender feelings take a backseat to the task at hand. So, last night, I decided to enjoy the mess for just a few minutes. With the shrillness of a recorder in the background and the chatter of a toddler, I took it all in. The stuffed animal tea party, the tower of blocks that had been knocked down with utter delight, all of it is precious, and these days will be gone all too soon.

–sniff, sob–

To sit back and take it all in, was great for my perspective. I love my life. Wouldn’t trade it.

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. ” Psalm 127:3

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