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September 7, 2007

I love it. I don’t want to rush things, but since I’ve had my fill of hot weather and summer fun, it must simply be time to move on to my favorite time. Football season, the smell of burning leaves, apple cider, chili, sweatshirt weather, mmmm…I love it all.

I have some goals that I am setting, for no other reason than to be able to look back and see what has been accomplished around the “old home place.” I am a list person. I function much better with lists. I need to be able to see that things are happening, even if not everything gets crossed off those lists. It helps me to stay content and keep being realistic. I can be a bit of a dreamer, so that can turn into a pattern of self defeat if I let it. A person can get lost in too many dreams, I think.

So, here are some things I am looking forward to and hoping to accomplish this fall:

Paint my kitchen.
Start doing school with A4.
Make vegetarian chili. Yummy. (then some with lots of meat, too!)
Go here to pick pumpkins and play in the corn maze with the kiddos.
See West Virginia go undefeated, and win a national championship. (you’re welcome, honey)
Plan meaningful advent activities for our celebration of Christmas this year, with the help of hubby, of course. (Last year, it caught up with and then passed me and time ran out)
Gather leaves with the kids and do fun crafts with them. Ideas, anyone?
Clean out my flower beds and prepare for next spring.

I think that is enough for now…I’m sure there’s more to do and see, but if I keep the list short, then it might actually all happen. We’ll see.

Check out this book.
I got it for $6.46 on Amazon and that includes shipping. Maybe tackling something in it is also something I should put on my list. Thanks for the tip, Soule Mama.

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