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Being Challenged by Edith…

October 1, 2007

Some friends gave us this book when we had our son. I read it then, but maybe at the time I was just too distracted to give it a whole lot of thought. Anyway, I recently picked it up again, and I’m enjoying it even more this time. (So thanks to you again, Dave and Nancy, for the great gift) It’s kind of like a refresher course–a reminder of what it is I’m supposed to be doing with and for these kids of mine. Also, I’m being reminded of the importance of being available to my children and inspired to look for teachable moments each day.

Heads up: this is a great gift idea. It drives home the reality that children are a blessing and challenges parents to pass on the Truth to their children. I looked this up on Amazon and it is only about $4 right now, so click on the picture link, scoop it up and pass it on.

“…The truth of the existence and character of God is to be made known to the children and the chilren’s children. We are responsible to make known the wonder of who God is, what God has done, and what God has said and what He has meant to those doing the telling…

….In the relay of passing on truth to the next generation and interceding for the next generation, God alone would be able to trace exactly who dropped the stick, so to speak. Dropping the stick in these crucial relays has made a difference in history. The relay of truth and the relay of intercession are imperatives for your life and mine for present and future history.”

–Edith Schaeffer, in ‘A Celebration of Children’

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