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October 23, 2007

Submission: A Consequence of the Fall???

I am posting a couple excerpts from a really great article from Tim Challies, but you should really read the whole thing. It’s not that long, and it is so good. Something I needed to read and appreciated.

It seems to me that women would be glad to know that the idea of submission precedes the fall. This shows us that the headship of the husband is not rooted in a punishment, and perhaps even an unfair punishment where woman was given the harsher penalty of having to submit, but is rooted in the very purpose and creation of mankind. Yet women have told me that they prefer to think that submission is a product of the Fall. Perhaps this shows just what a poor job the church has done in teaching this subject and what a poor job husbands have done in making submission joyful. Or maybe this is simply society echoing even in the church…..

…..When men lovingly lead their wives and when women respond in joyful submission, we see a beautiful echo of the relationship of the Father to the Son and we model the love of the Son for His bride. Submission may be unpopular, it may be a difficult word to say, but it is a concept that existed in a perfect world and is one that will endure for eternity.

Update: for more insight on this subject, keep watching for some great reads from Christine,who is now also writing over at Babble of the Sexes

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