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Favorite Things

November 5, 2007

Here are a few of my new favorite things…

1. Pandora. I am currently listening to “Sting” radio and loving it. (yes, honey, by my own choosing) I clicked a button that told them I didn’t like the current song by Steven Tyler and they promised never to play it again! So fun. Thanks to Jena for pointing me to this great spot. My favorite station that I have created so far is Jason Harrod radio.

2. M&Ms Dark Chocolate. Yum. Thanks to myself for finding these on sale with the Halloween candy at the drug store.

3. This is just so tasty.

4. Lebanese Tabbouleh It just so happens that the majority of these are things you eat. I do like food. I will not lie.

5. One more thing. This is just the sweetest book for kids. I highly recommend it. It’s been around for a while but when it came out, I was in junior high, so I missed the boat until now. My little girl and I loved reading it together.

One thing I don’t like…mice in the house! We are hunting one these days. I will leave you, today, with the words of Jack Handey.

Something tells me that the first mousetrap wasn’t designed to catch mice at all, but to protect little cheese “gems” from burglars.

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