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Thanksgiving, 2007

November 22, 2007

Lovely blooms from my Thanksgiving cactus to brighten up your day. Happy Thanksgiving.

Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite movies, which is probably what we will end up watching today, as we are “quarantining” ourselves from Thanksgiving dinner with family because of a stomach bug.

“Hi Rose. That is a great name. Rose. This is Kathleen. I’m Joe–“

“And I’m Henry!”

“Henry, how are you? Happy Holidays. This is a credit card machine. (silence) Happy Thanksgiving. (more silence) It’s your turn to say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ back.”

“Happy Thanksgibbing back”

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Orange, who?”

“Orange you going to give us a break by zipping this credit card through the credit card machine? Come on, you can do it. Zip Zip. There you go. Rose, ahh that is a great name. So, you’re fine. Happy Thanksgiving. Henry, Happy Thanksgiving.”

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