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More About Christmas

December 4, 2007

Nancy Wilson has some great thoughts about Christmas here. I am posting an excerpt, but to get the full effect, you should read the whole thing. If you are at all feeling weary of the hustle and bustle of Christmas, read her words and get fired up! It’s a good thing. We have a lot to celebrate.

With so much of a Christian heritage wrapped up in the celebration of Christmas, we need to get on the stick and start learning, recovering, reviving, restoring, and reforming our Christmas traditions. Christmas is for us and for our children: its music, customs, feasting, special foods, and carols, as well as our funny practice of stringing lights all over our houses and hauling trees indoors and decorating them and putting presents under them. In all of its glory, Christmas is just a shadow of what God has prepared for us in heaven.

And all the world cannot legislate Christmas away. It is here to stay. The angels announced it, the shepherds heard it, and Mary and Joseph beheld Christmas. Joy to the World!

This is our first year to use an Advent wreath with the candles and all.

We are reading a short passage of Scripture each night as we light a candle and focus on His first coming. It’s been a special time (although our kids probably most look forward to who will get to blow the candle out when we are done. Still, they’re young and I think they’re “getting it” on some level.) You can find the passages we are reading over on Tulipgirl’s site.

For more info on Advent…what it means, the colors, the history…etc. Go here.

Also, Advent for Evangelicals blog is closed this year but has some good archives.

I found a really simple book a couple years ago on clearance after Christmas and decided to use it this year. It tells the story of Jesus’ birth starting at creation, sort of painting the bigger picture in a really simple way. So, each morning I am reading a “chapter” out of this book and then letting the kids color a picture that has to do with that particular part of the story. I have been getting my pictures from the DLTK site, but noticed on Amazon, that there is actually a coloring book that goes along with the book, so there you go.

So basically, we are doing three things each day: our book and coloring page in the morning, an activity from our bags after naps, and our reading and singing before bed. I have read so much and found so many great ideas, but I feel like keeping it simple while the kids are young keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.

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