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Celebration Weekend

February 11, 2008

We celebrated a birthday this weekend. It was a nice and quiet occasion…

My hubs. should be busy with his new mp3 player for a while… all the books, sermons and music he could possibly want to listen to at any given time.

We enjoyed watching Kenneth Branagh’s As You Like It (albeit, at different times, as I fell asleep in the first five minutes on the first go round. I really liked it on the second try, though! Ha!)We also had a quiet dinner with family and ate Tonia’s Chicken Pot Pie, which has become a favorite in our house.

And for dessert? This wonderfully milk-free pumpkin pie that I found from Allergicmom, a place I will be frequenting, as there are lots of recipes and information about childhood allergies. We’re already looking forward to Thanksgiving ’08, when we can all enjoy pumpkin pie again!

The kids are looking forward to Valentine’s Day. They made Valentine holders, and some lovely cards to mail to “out-of-towners” that we love. We plan to be busy this week making cookies and crafts and treats for people around us that are special.

Here are a few links that will give you lots of ideas for your own “Love-ly” Holiday.

Thumb Bunny Card

Crayon Hearts

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

We think our Love Note Totes are great. They were so easy!

A few places for a history lesson:

Not Like it Used to Be

How Valentine’s Day Works

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