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Can You Do This, Old Badger?

April 2, 2008

Perhaps it’s just my love of all things old: old things, old photos, old people, and yes, even my old house, with all its quirks and nuisances. Whatever the reason, this little book was particularly endearing to me. We picked it up at the library last week but for some reason, didn’t get around to reading it until a day or two ago. It’s awfully sweet, and on your next trip, you should check it out, too.

To me, it painted in such a good light, what we can learn from our elders. There is such a benefit to having people in our lives who are older and wiser. Somehow, in our youth, we get caught up with figuring things out, so much so, that we think at some point we have it all figured out. I think it starts when you become a teenager! (Admit it, somewhere deep down, you’re just like me and you’re already getting used to doing things your own way.)

Of all the things Little Badger knows and can do, there are still many more that he can’t do and doesn’t know yet. But Old badger shares his wisdom and some yummy snacks along the way and teaches Little Badger a gentle lesson or two. Good stuff.

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