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What’s Going On? (and some links, too)

April 20, 2008

Earlier last week, this is what was happening on the home front. It took me a while to catch up, but with a couple little munchkins to help, and a couple of days to work hard and bounce back, we were able to get out and enjoy the springtime. (There still exists the ever present laundry load to be completed, but that’ll get done! Eventually.)

Look who came to visit! We discovered him while pulling weeds, and getting our flower beds prepared for the summer. He stayed around for a while to study us, but took off when we weren’t looking. I’m sure he’ll be back once we plant some yummy veggies. Perhaps we should just plan on sharing.

The kids got a delightful package in the mail from my mom. Who doesn’t love to get mail? And when you receive a little mouse family to play with, well…imaginations in this house are already creating adventures for Mama, Papa, Big Sister, Little Brother and Little Sister.

So, what’s been going on with me these days? Well, here are a few links that might shed a little light on it. I’ve been really inspired by The Creative Family recently. I am so glad I made the purchase. Not only are there some really great ideas for simple family fun and creativity, but it seems to spur my mind on to other things…things that fit our family, ideas for celebrating and gift-giving. So, give it a look. You might come away with some refreshing ideas for your own family.

I have a growing interest in embroidery and want to encourage my daughter to learn as well, so after perusing the embroidery archives of Soule Mama, I went in search of some simple embroidery patterns. This is what I found and am adding it to the ever growing wish list. (shameless, I know)

How fun is this felt food for little kiddos to pretend with? Homemade by Jill also has tons of ideas for more felt food.

So, have you heard of the Attribute Game? I hadn’t and I must say it looks fun and simple, even for little ones. We will definitely be trying it out…maybe on a rainy day, or maybe before. When I first saw the pictures it reminded me of I Spy, but upon closer look, there’s a little more to it than just finding random objects.

I hadn’t been to visit Making books with Children in a while, but seeing this post made me want to pay a visit, and get into doing it again. With spring fully upon us, there seems to be plenty of inspiration around for drawings and stories. Remember this guy? I mean…what’s his story?

A couple more things…

I’m excited for the return of Me and My Girl…tomorrow! Be sure and check in on the latest ideas for mother-daughter projects.


If you don’t subscribe to Kids Craft Weekly already, you really should. More great ideas for keeping those kiddies busy and happy. You can view all past newsletters here.
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