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Signs of Life

May 13, 2008



This week, it is safe for us to plant our little seedlings outside with all the rest of our greenery. How fun. We are all looking forward to it.

On a different note…How was your Mother’s Day? Mine was full and unpredictable, but very good. I spent the weekend with people I dearly love in many different settings. We came home after a full day on Sunday only to find that our electricity was out, so we spent more time with family and finally made it home today. Here are a couple of the treasures we were able to hand deliver to our mothers/grandmothers.

Below are some little gifts called joy jars. Since the kids have started talking, we like to write down funny and sweet things they say and when we make cards for each other, we have included these little sayings. This year, after some inspiration from the Creative Family, we decorated jars and filled them with special greetings from the kids to their grandmothers. My Anthropologie catalogue came in very handy for pretty cutout pictures which we modge podged onto our little jars. Little fingers love smearing glue on things, don’t they?

Yet another project from the Creative Family is the idea of transferring your kids’ art to fabric, using embroidery to preserve it in a new way. I tried my hand and came out pretty successfully. This one was for my own mother, who probably thought I would never learn to sew or work with my hands in any capacity. Even when my frustration brought me to tears and I quit time and time again, I think her gentle instruction is finally paying off. I made a pillow for her and used some scraps of material from a dress that she made for me when I was little. I do believe it was well received.

Here is the original picture:

I moved the sunshine to a more central location to balance everything out and…

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  1. Randi permalink
    May 14, 2008 8:14 am

    I love the crafty ideas here today! Fabulous!

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