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Gifts from Japan!

July 3, 2008

After seeing this book in the embroidery archives of Soule Mama, I was on a quest to find it. Just from the cover, it was obvious that it contained a treasure trove of the cutest patterns. I tried her link, but it was no longer there. (I checked today, and they have it again!) Then, it occured to me that I have a Japanese friend! Remember our meal? First, she did some research and found it on amazon. (but it was all in Japanese–not super accessible to me, but she said she could order it for me) So then I decided to push my luck and ask for an additional book. We learned that shipping would be quite costly, so on this sweet couple’s recent trip to Japan for the summer, they brought me both books along with some lovely material to get started and a few other little goodies! I feel inspired and excited to proceed. Thanks Brandon and Maddy for the thoughtful gifts!

My Christmas gift ideas are already starting to form in my head. Can’t wait to share when the time comes…

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