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A Post: Where I shamelessly promote my husband

October 2, 2008

My husband is going to be contributing from time to time to The Rabbit Room. The first of said contributions can be found here, so if you have a minute to sit and read something, I think you won’t have wasted your time.

…we must not lay aside imagination for logic, nor logic for imagination, but use both under the Lordship of Christ for the glory of God. We will find, I believe, that each helps the other. We will be helped by both poets and preachers, philosophers and painters…

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  1. mKhulu permalink
    October 2, 2008 9:36 am

    As an aspiring poet and an occasionally inspiring preacher, I agree with both you and your man. I still think that you are the writer in your family. Samuel, on the otherhand is the dreamer.

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