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November 6, 2008

I’ve always sort of dreaded November. It’s such a dreary month in general…gray, cold, rainy. (The nice weather so far has helped with that a little. We’ve spent more time outside than normal, which is great) Here are just a few ideas that might enhance your November experience this year.

This sweet book by Cynthia Rylant is worth checking out and enjoying with your kiddos.

Tonia has also posted a thoughtful poem about autumn that I think is fitting to include here.

Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays, although we haven’t had a normal one in quite some time. I am praying for no stomach bugs this year, and no trips to the hospital…just a normal, thankful day with lots of yummy food that we can all eat and enjoy without getting sick or having any scary allergic reactions. Here is a treat that looks yummy on a warm November afternoon: pumpkin pie-sicles. (You know, winter squash is very cheap this time of year!)

There is actually lots to look forward to in the month of November as well. Advent starts with the last Sunday in November this year, which means planning for your Christmas celebrations should start very soon. Here is a pretty printable calendar to help you manage all that you have going on this month.

We’re working on a Thanksgiving tree too, to help us remember all of our blessings and how good we have it in this country. More details on that in a day or two.

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  1. Jessi permalink
    November 8, 2008 9:58 pm

    I like November…sweaters and coziness. I also like the new look of your blog. Thanks for sharing with us!

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