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Christmas Craftiness for Your Weekend…and Links

December 6, 2008

Now this is just fun. Make it as is, or come up with your own recyclable idea! Remember, it’s not too late to start celebrating Advent.

Soule Mama is hosting a marathon of giveaways, along with special discounts from some lovely online stores. It might be fun to check in at her site from time to time…you never know what goodies might make their way to your home. It’s always easy to enter her contests, too.

Why not continue with an attitude of thankfulness through the advent season? Go here for a sweet idea.

If you’re not sure what to read when you are lighting your Advent candles, consider the links that are posted at Femina.

I apologize for not knowing where this idea came from originally. I bought the stuff to make these ornaments last year and never got around to making them. So, we brought them out yesterday and are enjoying making sparkly ball ornaments. With little ones, it may be a bit difficult, although my three year old was doing very well under supervision. He just had to take a lot of breaks along the way, as it was a bit of a process for him.

You’ll need styrofoam balls, sequins and 1 inch applique pins. Simply push the pins through the center hole of the sequin into the ball and continue until your ball is covered in sparkles. We’re still working on ours…

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  1. Nik permalink
    December 9, 2008 9:52 am

    I am SUPER impressed that your little man could do that. Big difference b/n 2 and 3, eh? Cute idea!!

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