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Homeschool Freebie of the Day

February 24, 2009

I’ve been taking advantage of this, and I guess it’s only fair to share the wealth. Sorry to keep you in the dark, but you know I’m a little distracted.

You can go to this site and sign up to receive a free ‘something or other’ every day to help enhance your homeschooling experience. Some days will not be as interesting to you as others, so just skip them and come again the next day. It’s definitely worth checking out, though. Each week they will give you a “heads up” about what’s coming the following week so you can be sure to log on for the day you are interested in. Most of it is in pdf form, so it’s easy and quick to download, but each item is only available for free that one day. Otherwise, you can purchase it at a reasonable price.

Hope this is helpful to someone! This week’s resources are the following (just to give you an idea of what’s out there):

Monday, Feb 23rd:

A HUGE collection of eyewitness stories and amazing personal accounts about the “Underground Railroad” by which many slaves in pre-Civil War years escaped from their owners in the south and made their way to freedom.
This is riveting, real-life “living history”!

Tuesday, Feb 24th:

Straight from NASA, here are some great flying contraptions you can make at home – and learn the principles of flight while you’re at it!

Wednesday, Feb 25th:

How to make your own slimy, fun “science toys” such as
Guck, Goop & Oobleck. Great fun…
and great chemistry lessons too!

Thursday, Feb 26th:

Learn how to make the BEST bubble-making solution ever…
and then learn how to Make Giant Man-Eating Bubbles,
Make Bubble Paintings, Questions & Answers on Bubbles & more

Friday, Feb 27th:

Ewww! Science experiments in your own mouth?
Yep! Pick up some biology and chemistry savvy with such fun
activities as: Making a Tongue Map; Rock Breath;
Stuffy Smellers; Hot and Cold Tastes; Disappearing Gum;
Fireworks in Your Mouth… and much more!

You can get all of these on their respective days at


Finally, This week’s subscriber exclusive:


So, what can you learn with a simple penny?
All sorts of interesting chemistry and physics concepts!
In this neat activity booklet, you’ll discover all sorts of
fun and educational “penny” experiments, including:
Penny Splash – Penny Droppers -Penny Plated Nails
Floating Penny Boats – Green Pennies – Penny in the Well
Penny Haloes – Super Clean Pennies –
The Problem of the Counterfeit Penny – Penny Powered Cars
The Disappearing Penny – Old Pennies VS. New Pennies
The Penny Flopover Experiment – The Penny Spinout Experiment
Shining Pennies – Rocket Powered Pennies
Penny Mushroom Piles… and more!

So, go on over and check it out!
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