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Easy-Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

May 15, 2009

We love to say that in our house. I think my mother in law started it way back. Not that particular one, but phrases like, “hustle, Russel!” when you’re in a hurry. Or, “hicc-up, snick-up!” when some one has the hiccups. Silly words that rhyme make us smile. That’s just an explanation for the title of this post. The real reason for the post is a couple of recyclable craft ideas that are, you guessed it, “easy-peasy!”

First, there’s the oatmeal canister–so many uses. This time, we made containers for collecting outdoor treasures. I simply cannot remember where I saw this idea, but it stuck in my memory and we did it. The buckets are already getting full of bits of this and that from the great outdoors. Simply cover and decorate your canister, cut slits in the sides and insert strips of fabric for a strap.

As we go about our days, homeschooling, making up games and crafts, we can quickly get lost in a sea of crafts, homemade games and other projects that seem to have no place to be. I’m forever looking for storage ideas and ways to organize. I’m sure you never could have guessed that.Here is a cute way to store some such game or activity that the kids can take pride in, and practice dexterity and sewing basics in the process. I think when we finish our strawberries, (which won’t take long!) we’ll give it a go.

And, here are some great ways to organize crafts and artwork for and from your kids.

As for Mrs. Robin…she sits. She waits. And Papa Robin watches over and protects her. Also, we are doing a lot of apologizing to her. Every time anyone opens the door and she chirps and flees her perch, you can hear whoever it is say, “Sorry, Mama.” Also, she has FLIPPED OUT on us a couple of times at night when we’re coming in late. It’s a little dangerous out there. I guess she gets startled and is disoriented, but it’s more than a little scary. Anyway, we are patiently waiting with her. We know what it’s like. Pictured below is Papa.

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