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June 8, 2009

I’m intending to keep things simple around our house this summer, as each year I end up frustrated with weeds and neglected flower beds and boxes. By summer’s end, I’m usually ready to throw in the towel. The pictures of my flowers you see on here may be few and far between, as the weeds seem to be creeping in every time I turn my back. I just can’t seem to keep up!
The key for me is to pick ONE or TWO ideas and see them through, rather than trying to accomplish all the projects I have floating around in my head, which just breeds frustration. So, I’m posting these links not because I intend to fit them all in this year, but so that I can come back in the years to come and mark a few more off the list.

Posie Gets Cozy has some great ideas for little gardens and very inspiring pictures of a lot of her potted plants.

Composting has always been interesting to me, but it has honestly seemed initially more trouble than it would be worth. You can imagine that when I saw the title Confessions of a Lazy Composter, my interest was definitely piqued. One day, when we decide to go to battle with the deer and have a real garden, you can bet that this will be the way we go as we dispose of our scraps! Yes, I’m calling myself ‘lazy.’

I stumbled upon a gardening blog with ideas and projects that appear to be attainable to me. Attainability is definitely a plus.

My husband, over the winter months, got a book for me that is full of tips and ideas for piddling in your garden and literary quotes having to do with gardening as an art. It has been fun to pick up and browse this spring as I reign in my big ideas and keep things simple, but still beautiful.

Whether your plans are grand or simple, happy gardening to you!

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