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Who Has Teeth?

August 9, 2009
Well, someone around here has one less than the last time I posted. We’ve talked enough about losing teeth and how it is NOT a big scary deal that this weekend was pretty exciting and fun for all.
Our little (now big–boo hoo!) girlie stood in front of the mirror and wiggled and jiggled that tooth all the live long day and then came and asked if it was loose enough. Then she wiggled some more and asked if she could try and pull it. And pull it, she did. I just had to give it a tiny yank to finish the job. A word of advice: warn your littles that there will be blood. This took her by surprise and freaked her out just a bit until she got it stopped. ( a little rinse with water and it was all done) After that, it was all smiles and excited phone calls to various ones that needed to be informed of this milestone. A visit from the tooth fairy and a fun reading of this book should wrap things up nicely, wouldn’t you say? (until the next one, which she is already searching inside her mouth for!)

“You will lose set number one and when you do, it’s not much fun. (au contraire!)

But then you’ll grow set number two! 32 teeth and all brand new.

16 downstairs and 16 more upstairs on the upper floor.

And when you get your second set,


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