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First Things First

November 2, 2009
We’ve spent the last week keeping busy and holding down the fort, while husband/daddy’s been away at a conference. I have a whole new respect for single parents. It’s hard being on your own with the babes for an extended period. We managed to keep moving and kept so busy, in fact, that each night we collapsed in our beds in order to get rested for the next day’s adventure. As you can imagine, our preoccupation with school work, house work, activities, dinner guests and romps in the park, only served to move my blogging to the back burner for a short time. I just had time to get my baby snuggles in at night before sweet sleep took over.

I’ve got big plans for this month, though. Even as we focus on having thankful hearts, the approaching season of Advent is fresh on my mind. It begins on the 29th of November, so it’s already time to start planning. Stay tuned for links, ideas, projects and resources that will hopefully serve to enhance your celebrations. In fact, here’s a link to what could prove to be hours of entertainment for your family as you anticipate both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Looks like you might need to hurry while supplies last.

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