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What to Do, What to Do…

November 19, 2009
Are you stumped for ideas as to what to put in your Advent calendar? Here are a few suggestions, just to get you started. These are
things we’ve done in the past or plan to do this year.

Decorate the Christmas tree

String up lights
Spend the night in the living room in a tent.
Listen to a story and have a special snack

Bake/decorate cookies
Help make Christmas treats, snacks (we love chex mix!)
Paint seashells (momentos from our beach trip) and make ornaments with them.
Gather things from nature and make decorations with them (pine cones, leaves, sticks, etc)
Movie night (sometimes we do this on a night when something fun is on T.V. like Charlie Brown Christmas and others)

Make snowflakes

Make luminaries out of paper bags or tin cans
Make placemats, napkin rings, or table runner
Make wrapping paper
Find some fun online activities (building virtual snowmen, decorating a virtual gingerbread
house, coloring page printouts, etc)
Gather materials for a Jesse tree and put it all together
Paper chain garland for the kids’ rooms
Go to the library and check out Christmas books, movies.
Take homemade goodies to the neighbors
Drive around and look at lights

Couple of tips:

*I would suggest making a master list, so that you know what’s coming each day and how to plan accordingly. It seems we always have things that come up at the last minute, so it’s nice to have that list there in case you need to switch things up instead. My activities are written on index cards and put into our little bags. In the past, I have needed to accommodate our changing schedule.

*Do a periodic check of the weather, to make sure it is conducive to whatever activity you have planned.

This year, we are also going to be celebrating the 12 days of Christmas, so we decided to make our Advent activities more preparatory, and our Christmas activities more celebratory. Before hand, there will be more baking, making, decorating and preparing. Christmas day will be when the real partying begins.

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  1. rebecca permalink
    November 21, 2009 5:36 pm

    Wow. I am both inspired and awestruck by your list! I'm a bit sad, cause we'll get a late start on whatever we do this year, but I'm hoping to at least do something! I imagine next year will only be better if I begin this year. 🙂 Thanks, sis, for the inspiration.

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