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Home Sweet Home

January 15, 2010

I know, I know…she doesn’t post for a week and then all the sudden there’s a deluge of crafty craziness on here! Sorry, but I just want to get this last post about my Christmas sewing done, so I can MOVE ON. I’m ready to move on. But before I do, I just have to share it with you. I have been wanting to make this fabric dollhouse for a long time, and finally followed through in time for our family gift exchange. Ah, it feels good to see a project through to completion. This was fun, but definitely something that required time, effort and patience. The delight with which it was received was totally worth the work.

Okay folks, that should do it for now. See you next week for something new, fresh and totally unrelated to sewing.

You have my word.

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  1. jena permalink
    January 16, 2010 7:57 pm

    Great posts! I love seeing all of the fun things you make. It gets me inspired to sew too…and then it gets me flustered because I never know where to start 🙂

  2. gina permalink
    January 16, 2010 8:46 pm

    my advice? just start somewhere. i'm always here to help!

  3. Jeanne permalink
    January 18, 2010 8:08 pm

    What? No sewing inspiration! How could you do this to me? lol

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