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All’s Right Here

September 2, 2007

So, I’m back from the beach…had a lovely time with the kiddos and some family.

I made activity bags for the trip, which turned out to be a big hit and, combined with a borrowed DVD player for the car, a source of much contentment along the way. Pleasantries all around. Just in case you are wondering about the contents of said baggies, there were fruit loop necklaces, fruit snacks, stickers, notepads, sunglasses, cell phones, aluminum foil and pipe cleaners (for molding into shapes), and tickets to mark how much time was left in the trip.

I’m just now getting caught upon all the news on the home front, while munching on a cucumber sandwich and some seedless watermelon. (which, by the way is the only way to eat watermelon, in my opinion)

While I was gone, a sweet friend gave birth to a baby boy who came about 12 weeks early. He weighed 2 lbs, and is doing well.

Also, a dear brother, who has been in remission from melanoma cancer for about 8 years started experiencing symptoms indicative of a mass in his brain. After days of testing, there is good news to report and still some uncertainties about treatment for the future. You can read about it here.

These were Kim’s words of encouragement during all the testing this week. He said

“I think it’s real critical for people to stop and thank the Lord for everything He’s given. There’s nothing that the Dr’s can do or enable the physical body to do that the Lord is not able to do. Start with thanksgiving and make things come back to God. Starting out with thanksgiving makes all the difference. This particular weakness brings us back to God in the way of deeper dependence on him.”

Praise the Lord. We know that He is good all the time.

Along these same lines, I just love this song by Sara Groves. It sums up a lot of things in life.

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